How to Keep Your Carpets Looking Great Longer

There are many reasons why dirty carpets are a health hazard. So we at Pristine Cleaning Service have decided to write this blog on what to do once our carpet cleaning service has left. This will ensure your carpets remain fresh and healthy for longer. Regardless of the cost, there is nothing like seeing carpets returned to their original condition, and if you want them to remain like this, follow the aftercare tips below.

Aftercare Tips

Dry The Carpet

Warm air will significantly help the carpet fibers to dry faster. So if it is cold outside, turn your heating up and place a fan that is directed at the floor. Or, if it is warm outside, turn off your AC, open the windows, and turn on the fan that is pointed at the carpet. Either of these options will help to create the movement of warm air that will speed up evaporation and reduce the time needed for your carpet to dry out.

Keep Everyone Off

Try not to walk on the carpet until it has had time to dry out completely. Make sure that no one walks on the carpet, and keep pets away from the area. Walking on the carpet while it is damp will flatten the fibers and significantly increase drying time.

Never Move Furniture Back

Any furniture that sits on your carpet and has been moved before cleaning must remain where they are while the carpet has had time to dry. On the other hand, if the technicians put something under your furniture that will keep them off the carpet, don’t touch them; just wait until the carpet has dried. Once it is properly dry, vacuum the floor before you move the furniture back to reduce the amount of dirt that gets caught on your clean carpet’s fibers.

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